Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Caught Up . . . .Again

My blog is caught up, again. I was doing a 50 day challenge at dpc, and got tired of posting the same picture twice, in two different places. Then, I realized it would have been easier to do that than to do them in one big chunk.

I'm actually doing two "side challenges" in September. One is a bw challenge, so expect to see a lot of bw here. The other is a "challenge to see creatively." Basically, I will take a hoop, throw it and see what kind of shot I can get in the "ring." Out of the box and into the circle, so to speak.

Still going. I am finding myself moving away from "set up" studio type of shots, and trying to find more stuff "out there." It is a challenge, because while I can position my lamps however I want them, God pretty much insists that I have to leave the sun alone.

That said, when cold weather returns, I will very likely move back indoors. :)

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