Thursday, January 31, 2008

Wow. Definitely an adventure

So, Tuesday (January 29), Kristi was jumping off of the bed. Not jumping on the bed, but jumping up and off of the bed. After a couple of times, and the jumps getting higher and the landings getting a louder, I said, "Kristi, honey, don't do that. You are going to get hurt."

Approximately 15 seconds later, thud, WAIL. Great. She cried for a few minutes. Then, she wouldn't walk. Then, when she did start walking, she limped. Soooooooo, to the ER with us.

Several hours later, (and, boy, was she a trouper!) we left the hospital with a plaster splint that could bear NO weight. My normally bouncy little girl was now bound to a stroller or being carried (incidentally, she loved the being carried part!).

After a gazillion phone calls, my kids' pediatrician, Mark Jackson with Mountain Area Pediatrics (one awesome group of doctors and nurses, btw), got us in to see Dr. Mark Hedrik at Blue Ridge Bone and Joint.

So, today (31st) we go back to Asheville. More x-rays, another exam, and the conclusion -- everything points to a break, but they can't actually find the break so it is either hidden, or across the cartilage. So, they put a cast on it to give it time to heal properly, and to enable her to move. Not that she can actually walk, yet, with the boot, but in theory. . . .

I asked her if she was jumping off the bed anymore. Her answer is "NO!" :)

As they say on dpc, this is useless without pictures, so. . . ..

With Travis, the biggest, best helper in the world today.

The cast and her little shoe. She thinks it is "cute."

Obviously terribly traumatized by the whole ordeal.

Monday, January 28, 2008

January 28

So, last week, has a "bird" challenge. I entered a picture of this duck. it was okay (and my score shows it).

However, on the day AFTER the challenge submission period ENDS, I get this -- a picture of the ugliest bird alive. Well, almost, anyway. This is one of my neighbor's guineas.

Sunday, January 27, 2008


Travis is playing basketball this year, again.

Last year, he looked a little lost.

Yesterday, his first game of the season, he scored 6 points, his cousin Brooks scored 8, and they "won" (his league doesn't officially keep score) 16 - 4. :)

The stars were his idea. :)

The Kids

It is no secret that I think my kids are awesome. Actually, I DON'T think it, I know it.

Anyway, the other day we bought Kristi some "Barbie Princess Island" cereal. The next day, I asked her what she would like for breakfast. She said, "Apple Jacks. No, no, no. Me want Frooby Noodles." So, now, in addition to her penchant for washmelons (see the blog back in July for that one), we also have Frooby Noodles.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Decisions, Decisions

Okay, so I've kinda gotten away from the picture a day notion. I've taken them (most of the days), but it is hard to upload everyday like that. :)

I think this will become more of a "look what I did" recently blog. . . .