Thursday, August 19, 2010

Back to School

So, in the morning, all of Trav's football/baseball buddies will be back in school, as will most of Kristi's little friends.

They are, in part, a little jealous, I think, that they are not part of that. They are also a little bit "proud" that they have a few more days of summer vacation left. :)

There are times I really wonder, "Why DO I homeschool." Unlike some (more than I would like, actually) homeschoolers I know, I am not anti-public school. I do not consider it a "cess pool," as I heard one mother refer to it as. All of my kids' closest friends, now, are public schooled.

For the most part, I am very pro-public school. I went to public school. I know a lot of AWESOME public school teachers, administrators, and support staff. Thinking about it, I probably know more "good" than I do "bad."

So, why do I homeschool? For now, because I feel that that is what God wants for our family -- my kids are receiving a top education, and I am getting to spend valuable time with them. I do not like the direction that public education is going in, and has been for some years. To me, as a teacher, it truly seemed like passing the test was tantamount to everything else. I wanted to teach kids to love to learn, because then, they would teach themselves, even after leaving my classroom.

I failed miserably at that. BUT, I could get even the weakest math student to pass the NC Competency Test of Math (which is no longer given --YEAH!).

So, as my friends go back into their classrooms, and as the little people my kids call friends convene as well, my prayers are with those involved. May you have a safe year, a fun year, and a productive year.

And, who knows, maybe next year, I'll join you!