Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Wow. I have a blog. I think I'd forgotten about it. There are spiderwebs everywhere in here and it is more than a bit dusty.

Maybe I should claim that I gave up blogging for spiritual reasons. You know, kinda like a fast of sorts. Except if I did that, I would be lying and that doesn't go well with the whole "fast" thing, ya know?

Truth is, May was FULL of testing homeschoolers, as were the first couple of weeks in June.

Then, we found out that Travis made the 7 year old all-star team (trust me, no one was more surprised than me), and that extended our baseball season another month. We've got a bit of a break (20 days or so) between the last baseball game and first football practice.

So, here it is, the middle of July, and we are FINALLY slowing down somewhat.

Maybe I'll find something to write about in the coming days.