Friday, March 25, 2011

Rightness vs RightEOUSness

Does being *right* make us, as Christians, righteous?

Does being right give us the moral privilege of digging our heels in and refusing to budge?

That may be rightNESS, but is it rightEOUSness?

Rightness builds walls; righteousness builds bridges.

Rightness makes us look around; righteousness makes us look up.

Rightness helps us to stand proudly; righteousness drives us to our knees in humility.

Rightness widens gaps; righteousness closes them.

Rightness seeks recompense; righteousness seeks to compensate.

Rightness is a firm upper lip, a stern look, and crossed arms; righteousness is a quivering lip, a tear-filled eye and open arms.

Rightness pushes away (and tries to keep away) sinners; righteousness attracts them to repentance.

Rightness says, "Do it my way, or no way;" righteousness says, "I love you as Christ loves you."

Rightness remembers; righteousness forgets.

Rightness reminds; righteous forgives.

Rightness is being strong; righteousness is strength under control.

Rightness sacrifices relationships; righteousness seeks to grow them.

Rightness is a clean conscience; righteousness is a clean heart.