Friday, May 15, 2009


It's hard to believe that Trav only has 3 games left. Currently, they are 6 - 3 and in 2nd place. They play the first place team next Tuesday, and if they win, they will be in first. They have already lost to this team once (I *think* it was the day Trav busted his nose).

Trav's batting is abso-stinkin'-lutely awesome. The kid smacks the snot out of it. He hit one the other day that everyone thought was over the fence (that is a picture of it below). Since then, he has hit two or three more that go right to the fence.

Yea, I'm proud.

(We won't talk about his fielding right now -- hahahahha. He has been playing third base).

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Mountain Paparazzi

So, we are driving through Pigeon Forge, looking for our motel, and see that there is going to be a parade. After just a few minutes, I realize it is the Dolly Parton parade (don't know what it is really called), and that Dolly was going to be appearing soon.

My husband is driving, so I grab my camera, tell him to roll down the window, and start shooting.


It's on.



What the??? At this point, I am almost panicking thinking that my camera is broken. :( :( :(

Then, I see it -- the flashing "No CF card" message. Awww man. grumble, cuss, grumble, grumble, cuss (though admittedly the words I said were NOTHING compared to what I was thinking!)

We finish watching the parade, cut back a side road, and continue in our quest to find our motel.

WoooHHooooo. The back road we were on, is the same back road Dolly is taking. This is the shot I got of her (through my windshield).

Bernard got my camera and got a couple of shots with her standing up -- her profile and from behind. He jokes that you can tell what he was looking at. :)

Monday, May 04, 2009


Parenting is not for weenies. Seriously.

When Travis had his first stomach virus, it was rough. Ditto with snot. Both make me a bit squeamish.

That was NOTHING compared to blood, though. >karma passes out<

Last Monday, Travis took a baseball to the nose. Blood and more blood. Bernard joked that I didn't take a picture of it. Truth be told, I couldn't look at it without almost passing out.

Today, I was about 70 miles away doing testing for a private school. Just as I'm finishing up the last student, I get a text message from Bernard -

trav at er

I panicked. Why? Broken arm? Seizure? I finally get a hold of someone and find out that he was climbing up on the back of the pickup truck, the tailgate wasn't secure and it opened as he climbed. He fell backwards and apparently cut his head on the wood pile behind him. Ouch.

By the time I could get to the ER, he was already being sewn up. This time, I did get pictures (and more than a bit nauseous).

So, I've decided in order to maintain my sanity (not to mention my breakfast), I am going to purchase a couple of giant gerbil exercise balls. Then, my children will be safe.

Here is a picture of the prototype --