Monday, December 17, 2012

Confessions of a Reformed Homeschooler

Today is 3 days after the attack that left children and teachers dead in a public school in CT. Eww, public school. Except, that is what we (or where we) are now, and frankly, we are loving it. The kids have EXCELLENT teachers (Kristi's helped her gain 1.5 YEARS in reading in 3 months), the school is very cooperative and friendly and my kids like the "routine." That said, Saturday night, I seriously considered pulling them out and re-starting the homeschool. Yes, they love their friends and teachers. Yes, they enjoy what they are doing. Yes, I am enjoying watching them. But, what if something like this happened at Bethel?????

 Then, Sunday morning, as Preacher Dude Dean expounded on peace and what TRUE peace was, I remembered my prayer last year when we were deciding to send Kristi to public school. (We had already crossed this bridge with Travis a year before). God, I trust YOU to take care of her and protect her. I trust YOU to put people in her path to help her grow. And I trust YOU to give what is best for her. Every morning, I pray with my kids on the way to school. If something big is happening, we pray about it, but every day, I say at least two things -- God, keep them safe and help them to have fun.

 Friday morning, I walked in with them because I was volunteering that day. As we walked in, I bent down and prayed in Kristi's ear -- Please be with them and keep them safe today. That afternoon, after being with some of the most wonderful kids on Earth, and some of the most fun parents, I heard the tragic news. We didn't dwell on it at our house -- we talked some about it, we prayed about it and answered a few questions. Over the weekend, they heard more, saw more and learned more. My sweet little children had to be exposed to the big, bad world. But, it's okay. My God is bigger than the bad.

 So, today, Monday morning, the week before Christmas, I find myself praying the following --
 God, be with Mrs. (Jill) Barker. Give her and Mr. Conner the wisdom and insight to deal with and lead the children and faculty at Bethel Elementary.

 Be with Mr. (Kevin) Drury and Mrs. (Brittany) Pless. Thank you for the positive influence they have in my children's life this year and continue to show them how to best teach the young people in their class. Give them wisdom. Encourage them. Protect them. Let them have a love for the students in their class that can only come from you. Thank you for Mrs. (Karen) Hopkins and the love and support she gave Trav last year in his transition from home to school. 

 Surround Bethel Elementary and guide it with your protecting hand. Be with the staff and parents. Help them pull together for the good of the children in this community. Help them to stand strong and be an example of some of the good that is still in this world. 

God, ultimately, prevent anything like the Sandy Hook attack from happening. Help us to have peace in you and trust you with the lives and fate of (Y)our children. Amen.

Does this mean that my children's school is immune from the the violence that seems rampant in society? Absolutely not. It does mean that God's grace is sufficient and I will stand on that and rest in that.

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