Friday, November 11, 2011

Thankfulness -- Day 11

Today is a day we set aside to remember those who have given of their time, and even life, to protect our country.

If I started making a list, I am afraid I would miss someone, because there are many young men and women that I want to say "Thank you" to.

However, there are a few that stick in my mind today.

Papaw Shuford -- WWII veteran.
My FIL, Randall Shuford - Vietnam

Thanks you, gentlemen, not only for your service, but for the heritage you have established for my children.

And one that is near and dear to my heart -- my former student Stephen Hall who is currently deployed.

But, then, my mind goes back over the years, and I remember standing in the cemetery trumpet in hand, waiting for the salute. Some of the families I knew well -- the father of a college friend; the grandfather of a lifelong friend, but others were complete strangers -- the 19 year old that died for his country in active duty. But one thing united them all -- the pain on their face of losing their loved one, for the briefest of moments when the flag was handed to them, evaporated and became something else -- they were comforted with the knowledge and pride that their loved one had done something that mattered.

So today, I say, "Thank you!" However you served, wherever you served, THANK YOU!

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