Monday, November 21, 2011

Thanksgiving -- Day 21

I am thankful for social networking sites like facebook. I know that sound cheesy, and flies in the face of all who say face to face friendships are "better," but let me explain.

I am basically a very shy person, and am very uncomfortable talking to someone just for the sake of talking Silence does not bother me in the least; I rather enjoy it (to the point that many times I have "an air" of being snobby or snooty, but that's really not the case).

Through the Internet, I have been able to deal with people as I am able. It gives me time to think about a response and then respond.

I have been able to re-establish old friendships and keep up with them, even if just peripherally.

I have been able to get to know other "real world" people better so that meeting them and talking to them isn't so big and scary to me.

AND, I have a whole group of friends that I have never met, and really aren't more than a few pixels on a monitor, but yet, they are real in their own way.

And in these ways, my life has been enhanced and bettered.

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